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  • X-ray generator-GGF Series
  • Superhigh frequency X-ray machine
  • Veterinary X-ray Generator Series
  • Portable X-ray Generator Series
  • Monoblock high-frequency X-ray generator
  • China’s first
    China’s first high-tech enterprises with independent intellectual property rights of high frequency and high voltage generator!
  • National key new products
    National Torch Plan and focus on new product promotion projects, breaking the foreign similar products in China’s technology and market monopoly
  • International quality certification
    The company has passed ISO9001 and ISO13485 system certification, some products have passed CCC certification.
  • Excellent R & D team
    The company has 150 outstanding employees, of which more than 30 employees of Electronic Engineers
  • Customer demand oriented
    We always adhere to the “customer demand oriented”, and continuously improve the level of product quality, to maximize meet customer needs
    Nanning Yue Long Technology Co., Ltd.
           The company formerly known as Guilin jjqijun long Medical Electronics Co. Ltd., engaged in the research and development of high frequency high voltage generator began in 1995 Is the first Chinese manufacture, the product has independent intellectual property rights of the high-tech enterprises, “dragon” brand founder. Company in In 2013 by the strategic transformation, formal reorganization and integration of “Nanning City Yuelong Technology Co. Ltd., the new company positioning for high frequency and high voltage Generator R & D and manufacturing of professional manufacturers, and will be committed to exploring the international market related areas. The company established in the early stage of ”independent research and development, production ....[SEE MORE]
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